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Store Policy


Once you receive your order please be careful, it is FRAGILE!


Acrylic- Place the item on a flat surface and take the protective clear film off the item slowly.

Wooden- Click Celebrations recommends that you dip the cake topper or any other item in 'food safety seal food barrier' before placing in or around food.

Please keep away from burning flames- do not place the cake topper, sign under or near the candle.

Gift Boxes with Acrylic lids are Fragile, please place on a flat surface before putting the lid on and off the Wooden Box.

All wood is natural and raw.

The material might have slight imperfections, colour difference and cutting stains. 


Click Celebrations recommends that the customer not to place any un-packaged food items inside wooden box.

Please keep away from open flames- (do not place a cake topper/sign directly under an open flame.)

Once your order is dropped off at the post office, or it is picked up by you or by the courier it is out of our hands, after this we take no responsibility with breakage or defect, we do our best to package every item sufficiently. If there is any issue please contact us asap so that we can try and help resolve the problems.

All items are to the suppliers regulations and insurance, any problems please make contact with me ASAP and i will contact the supplier to resolve the issue.


Loved your item?

Post on social media or send us a photo, leave us a review at you will receive $5 off towards your next order.

Once your event is over we ask that you please send us a photo of the item, if you do not want us to use your photo for social media or you would like us to blur out faces please advise us.




Click Celebrations welcomes collaborations with cake designers/makers.

Event Planners and Stylists.

Wholesale/Bulk ordering is available.

Branded orders with the Click Celebrations logo- unless an arrangement is in place we do not allow of reselling of the item or design.

Please contact us to discuss all branded and corporate orders.


- Bank Transfer/ Deposit

- Offline Payments

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